We strongly believe, that for each of us, the journey to 40 Coffees doubles as a journey of personal and professional growth.

The concept of 40 coffees was born when Stephanie Clark and Jennifer Montgomery had their first coffee together and realized it took them about 40 coffees with others to find each other. That moment, sparked by a mutual drive for success and a motivation to connect with other business owners on their path to success, was the unofficial start to the 40 Coffees movement.

40 Coffees began with the kindness of one professional taking the time to connect with another professional and has now become a central piece of our outlook on the professional community. You see, 40 Coffees was born from kindness and connection and has quickly become the underlying foundation for personal and professional growth within our leadership community.

Now, the 40 Coffees movement serves as a networking opportunity for local business owners and professionals looking to have those 40 coffees (and then some), connect with peers and find opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.