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At Blue Door Group, we help businesses succeed by creating an atmosphere where growth and op•ti•mization flourish. We implement customized systems and processes that allow passion and profit live together.

Our exclusive op•ti•mize™ programs bring straight-forward achievable operational solutions to empower any size team.  From solopreneur to big corporate, our op•ti•mize™ consulting and coaching programs as well as our customized team training options will ensure you master the how, not just the what.  Our innovative and unique learning model will empower you to disrupt your market and up-skill in areas of your business.

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You are part of the solution through collaborative innovation.


We are educators first.


Principle-based solutions that are simple and repeatable for lasting change.

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Here’s what Blue Door Clients have said about working with us:

As an HR consultant, I was very good at completing the scope of work within my expertise but, lacked focus and the ability to clearly articulate  what I did and how I could leverage it for client acquisition. Blue Door and the Optimize Program changed everything! The success of the Optimize Program lies in its’ practicality and accessibility. The step by step training sessions empowered me to define my products in a way that made it clear to my existing and potential customers how my business could help them achieve their own business goals. Stephanie’s ability to adapt the training styles and timelines to match my needs gave me a customized approach unique to my business. Plus, her expertise in business operations, development and sales led to an invaluable experience. Blue Door Groups’ Optimize Program truly fulfills their tag line and did make me “Fall in love with [my] business all over again.”

Jodi Posavad

Owner, Grassroots HR

“The Blue Door Group was able to understand and identify exactly what our business needed in order to bring it to the next level. The Optimize Culture Program is very well structured and is presented in terms that we could easily identify with. But curriculum aside, Stephanie’s knowledge and expertise in this field made this transition very easy for us.”

Nathalie Morin and Julien Rousseau

Owners, Rousseau Chocolatier

“I had the great pleasure and good fortune to work with Stephanie Clark on productizing my business – a notoriously challenging thing to do for coaches!  Stephanie has a uniquely effective process to take you from confusion to clarity.  I walked away with a clear vision and a structure of my product offerings.  Within a month I had a request for a workshop.  Instead of laboriously starting from scratch, I already had my core offering – which helped me land the contract – and a good framework from which to customize it to their needs.  Can’t recommend Stephanie and Blue Door Group highly enough!”
Kira Callaghan

Owner, Conversation Gym