What’s a Consultant Got To Do With It?

We’ve all been there…at the receiving end of an introduction where our new connection answers the “what do you do?” question with: “I’m a Consultant.”

If you’re like me, your first reaction might be: What the heck is that?! 

In fact, these days it seems that everyone is a Consultant. Once a title reserved for high profile firms, ‘Consultant’ is now used across many industries. For many, this causes confusion. So let’s clarify.

What’s a Consultant

Consultants are highly skilled specialists in their field of work. This critical expertise enables them to work on very specific problems for set periods of time. Thanks to the gig economy, and now likely the pandemic, experts in all fields are consulting for a living.

While entrepreneurship is not a requirement, many Consultants choose to work for themselves. This enables the use of their specific experiences and expertise to create and implement proprietary systems and processes. Many consultants still work in a more traditional Consultant setting as well; as process experts that will often cross industry boundaries and sectors. These types of Consultants are often skilled in project management and change management exclusively. They are often part of a larger company’s workforce, or “bench”. These Consultants often work exclusively for Government or Fortune 500 companies.

Do I need a Consultant?

Hiring an expert to hone in on an area where you are deficient or struggling is always beneficial. Therefore, all organizations of all sizes, in all industries, can benefit from the services of the right Consultant.

More and more small businesses, start-ups, not-for-profits, government agencies and others are looking to innovate. As a result, they are calling on the expertise of Consultants to help to achieve their goals. In fact, Consultants are often a more cost-efficient way to fill your skill gaps. They are contract workers that don’t require costly government remittances (#protip). For those looking for short-term expertise with a fixed budget for staffing, Consultancy can be highly attractive.

How will a Consultant help my Business or Organization?

Consultants provide an outside perspective on your business. Therefore, they are able to see the strengths and challenges in your business through an unbiased lens. Consultants bring multiple experiences and perspectives that provide organizations with a thorough assessment and unbiased recommendations for major business decisions.

Consultants base their decisions on case studies, experiential data, and proven strategies without emotional attachment. Allowing businesses to make data informed, intelligent business decisions instead of emotionally charged ones. During large organizational shifts, a Consultant is often able to facilitate negotiations between internal and external stakeholders. They provide due diligence for all types of business decisions along the way.

How is a Consultant different than a Coach?

Executive Coaches work with an individual, while Consultants work with the business as a whole. This may include working one-on-one with a member of the leadership team. Typically, however, the Consultant is working on the business not the person. In many cases a Consultant may act as an advisor and even have a skill set around coaching. Fundamentally speaking though, Consultants advise based on business cases and best practices. Often, both work as a sounding board for members of the team and the leadership of the organization. Executive coaches work with the individual to help them personally gain awareness and clarify their personal goals and development.

Our Signature Approach

At Blue Door Group, our consulting services are heavily rooted in business best practices. Our unique model incorporates the relationship between people, passion, and profit. This synergistic approach creates a lasting impact of positive business momentum. Our op•ti•mize programs are based on the science of learning and the psychology of how people and teams work together.

Our op•ti•mize programs guide clients through the processes of setting and meeting their organizational goals by connecting vision to corporate and client culture. Based on a foundation of trust and learning, our power is in our approach: Engage•Educate•Empower. If you’re ready to take the step forward, connect with us for a free 30 minutes business assessment.